WIN Clients

These examples from WIN's client portfolio provide an overview of the comprehensive programs, customized integrations and other unique solutions we build.


BC – Agri-Environment Services Branch
Alley cropping valve control

  • Irrigation research project in Kamloops, adjacent to Thompson River
  • Automated solenoid valve operation with A724 AddSwitch, controlling applied water
  • Flow, pressure and weather monitored


AB – Bayer CropScience Canada
Alley cropping valve control

  • Weather monitoring – benchmark information used with analysis
  • Broad application for a variety of product trials and verification
  • Data used in computer simulations to advise clients on application timings


SK – Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation
Crop insurance weather monitoring

  • WIN provides weather monitoring, data quality assurance and control services
  • Network of 131 stations on locations throughout the province
  • Data includes temperature, rainfall and relative humidity
  • Dual rain gauge concept pioneered by WIN


MB – WM Ventures
Integrated watershed monitoring

  • Irrigated potato farm in Treherne
  • Comprehensive infrastructure program manages pivot direction & movement via digital compass
  • Monitoring includes weather, soil moisture monitoring, pump status and flow and pressure of lines

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MB – Manitoba Agriculture, Food & Rural Initiatives
Customized crop sector website (potatoes)

  • WIN maintains weather network of stations on contract
  • Value-added website launched for 2011 season for potato growers within southern Manitoba
  • Collaboration with MAFRI and Keystone Potato Producers Association
  • Site-specific data includes disease severity values, P-days and crop water demand

ON-Grape Growers

ON - Grape Growers of Ontario
Customized crop sector website (vines)

  • Complete turnkey package - information service for fruit farmers in SW Ontario since 2003
  • Site-specific data includes disease pressure, growing degree day, evapotranspiration, weather forecasts and historical data
  • Partners include Grape Growers of Ontario, OMAFRA and Ontario Tender Fruit Producers
  • Disease advisories – interactive maps and tools


ON – Bayer CropScience Canada
Partner-sponsored weather program

  • information service website providing access to decision support systems
  • users can view some data without a login, receive site-specific profiles and reporting after a complimentary subscription, or become a paid Bayer Weather Partner


ON – Leamington Area Drip Irrigators Inc
Pipeline monitoring and control

  • Data-gathering tool to complete documentation requirement for "Great Lakes Charter…"
  • A724 AddSwitch controls valves throughout 34-km irrigation pipeline
  • Highly customized and integrated with PLC

MI/ON Sugarbeet

MI/ON - Sugarbeet Industry Program
Customized crop sector website (sugarbeets)

  • Weather monitoring and analysis
  • Growers in ON and MI can access WIN disease forecast via website
  • Field-specific calculations, interpolations and advisories

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