systems_networks_A440_Wireless_Modem A440 Wireless Modem
Wireless Modem connected to an Adcon Telemetry Gateway
systems_networks_A850_Telemetry_Gateway A850 Telemetry Gateway
The core of your monitoring network - the A850 Telemetry Gateway. Manages large networks of UHF, GSM and GPRS RTUs automatically
systems_networks_RA440_Remote_A440 RA440 - Remote A440
For all those remote areas where you don't have GSM coverage, and where you can't put a Base Station near your UHF RTU's
Dimensions 119 x 79 x 60 mm
Weight 590g
Ingress Protection class IP-67
Transmission distance max. 20km (according to topography and type of installation)
Power Supply Via the RS-485 connection to the A8x0 Telemetry Gateway
Connectors 1 x Binder M12 4-pin
1 x TNC Antenna
Mounting Pole mounting bracket included
Temperature range -30°C ... +65°C
Tx Output Power 500mW
Rx Sensitivity -120dBm (10 dB S/N)
Frequency 430 - 470 MHz (in 4 bands of 10MHz each)
Channel spacing 10 / 12.5 / 25 kHz (preset)
Type approvals R&TTE, CE, FCC, Industry Canada, ACMA Australia

Max. Number of RTU's 1.000
Data Memory 256 MB
Data Viewer yes
Internal NiMH Battery 4.500 mAh
Connecting several external analog modems yes
Internal Modem no
Connecting several remote RA440's yes
USB connector 2
Multi-User Access yes
Offline Configuration yes
Gateway Locking yes
Remote Update yes
Support RTU's in various time zones yes
Diagnostics of Com-Quality yes
Call out from Gateway yes
RTU, battery and sensor tracking yes
Send RTU commands from the GUI yes
Secure Socket Tunnels yes
Operating System Linux
Emu3AP supported no
A730MD supported no

Case Aluminum, powder coated
Protection type IP-67
& weight
227 x 168 x 117 mm (8.9 x 6.6 x 4.6 inch)
2900g (6.4 lbs) - case only
3308g (7.3 lbs) - case including antennas
Connector to Solar Panel Made in Germany by Binder
IP-67 protection class
1 x M9 female 5-pin with dust cap
Connector to DC Power Source Made in France by Souriau
IP-67 protection class
1 x UTS HiSeal Bayonet male 2-pin. with 2-pin
Antenna connector 2 x TNC with external seal, water tight , Made in Germany
Mounting 2 x Mast mounting brackets
Operating temperature -20°C - +75°C
Data Transmission - GSM
Frequency range 900 & 1800 MHz (Europe) and
850 & 1900 MHz (Americas)
Modem Motorola G24L
SIM Card small footprint
Security SIM cards are PIN code protected
Connection type GPRS
Antenna Omni directional quad band
Data Transmission - UHF
Tx Output Power: 500mW
Rx Sensitivity -120dBm (10 dB S/N)
Frequency range 430 - 470MHz (in bands of 10MHz)
Channel Spacing 12.5 / 25 kHz (factory preset)
Antenna Omni directional, rigid, 3dB gain, incl. mast mounting bracket and 6m of cable
Max. number of radio RTU's supported 15 - 20; depends on various factors: number of sensors per station, slot time and polling time
Power Supply 1 or 2 internal 6.2V batteries, charged by solar panel
Optional: external 12V DC power source, e.g. car battery
Internal Battery Panasonic High-Temperature Industrial Grade NiMH battery, 3100mAh
Approvals FCC, R&TTE, CE, Industry Canada, Radio Australia