Systems Overview

WIN offers a full suite of Adcon systems, based around highly precise weather stations with sensors measuring temperature, precipitation, soil moisture, relative humidity and other agriculturally significant factors.

Wireless, solar-powered remote telemetry units can transmit data to users at near-real-time, enabling immediate decisions regarding irrigation, crop protection application or fertilization.

Networking options include short- and long-range radio, cellular and satellite communications. Sizes range from a few units on a farm to hundreds spread across provinces.

The Adcon Topology

The Adcon family of components offers reliable, flexible, easily-expandable solutions to clients of all sizes. The basic topology begins with one or more weather stations that measure conditions and log data. These are networked together, sometimes with relays, which function in unison to transmit data to a base unit. addVANTAGE Professional Data Acquisition software then gathers data from the base unit where it is stored, analyzed, exported and utilized.

The Weather Station

Below is a typical weather station configured for use in agricultural deployments. Use the links on the right for options and more details on a particular component.

WeatherStation rain gauge rtu solar panel Temp RH LW wind solar

How It Works

Automated data collection telemetry can be approached as either individual sites, networked sites, or a 'network of networks'. The key to successful and sustainable monitoring programs is to select the right equipment to meet current needs, while having the potential for future adaptability and flexibility. Selecting the right telemetry depends on the type of information needed, placement of data collection, and availability of communication services, such as cellular availability or high speed internet. The diagram below highlights various options available through automated data collection.